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Flexseal Adaptor Coupling AC4000 121-136mm/110-121mm

  Drain Pipe Connection and Repair - Designed for connecting drainage pipes of differing materials and outside diameters

Flex-Seal Adaptor Couplings are manufactured to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the drainage marketplace.

 Adaptor Couplings provide a solution to many cases of adaptation. The coupling is a stepped moulded elastomeric sleeve that has different diameters at each end. The sleeve is fitted with two stainless steel clamping bands which provide an efficient method of connecting pipes that have varying outside diameters and also eradicates possible bush requirements. Adaptor Couplings can also be used to connect all traditional and new pipe systems including structural walled plastic pipes.

£4.97 inc 20% vat
Price: £4.14