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LA-CO SF1 Central Heating Inhibitor

LA-CO SF1 is 1 Litre which treats up to 10 Radiators. This Inhibitor delivers a powerful protection for heating systems against scale & corrosion. SF1 is a concentrated formula of a very effective triple blend of corrosion inhibitors. Specific for steels, aluminium, copper and their alloys an most metals found in central heating systems.

Key Benefits are:

  • Inhibits Corrosion and Scale
  • Reduces Boiler Noise
  • Protects System & Save Fuel 

Problems caused by untreated systems can be:

  • Gas build up in radiators leading to a cold radiator
  • Potential blockage in radiator valves
  • Debris in the pump, which can cause damage including excess boiler pump noise
  • Build up of sludge leading to cold spots in the radiators (Our Boiler Filters also help with sludge removal)

Smoothflow SF1 Inhibitor can be used in both hard or soft waters and its formulation is completely non-toxic, biodegradable and harmless to the environment. .

£4.99 inc 20% vat
Price: £4.16