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Marcrist CK850 115 x 22.2mm Diamond Blade

Marcrist CK850 115 x 22.2mm Diamond Blade

Fits almost every 115mm (4,5") angle grinders. Marcrist CK850 wheels contains real diamonds wich give their wheels the unique performance properties.

- super thin 1.1mm width

- can be used wet or dry

- 8mm diamond segment height

Purpose designed for cordless angle grinders and can extend battery life up to 100%.

Suitable for:

- Ceramic Tiles

- Porcelain

- Quartzite

- Lime Stone

- Terracotta

- Marble

- Granite

- Natural Stone

- Cast Iron

- Thin Metal

- Earthenware

- Slate (wet cut only)

- Glass (with some chippings)

Marcrist CK850 will cut them all, no need for different wheels ofr a multitude of materials.

£34.66 inc 20% vat
Price: £28.88