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Decorative Paving

Decorative Paving

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Everbuild Black Bitumen Paint 5l

Black Jack 5ld Special Offer £15,49 inc. VAT

Everbuild Fungicidal Wash 5l

Everbuild Fungicidal Wash Special Offer £6.50 inc. VAT

Expanding Foam 750ml (Quick Setting)

Expanding Foam Special Offer £4.64 inc. VAT


Kitchen Design Competition 2015/16

For the fourth year running The Studio @ Palladium in conjunction with Kingsbridge Community College are running a competition to find the best technical and practical kitchen design. The students were tasked with producing a mood board...


Abiee Olver Skydives

Abiee Olver Skydives

Abiee Olver Skydives 14.000 feet over the Great Barrier Reef and fly's the flag for Palladium!

Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5l

Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5l Special Offer £14.99 inc. VAT

Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener 250ml

Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener Special Offer £5.99 inc. VAT

Johnstone's Teak Oil 500ml

Johnstone's Teak Oil 500ml Special Offer £2.99 inc. VAT